Smart Line Push Lock Suction

Suction Robe Hook

Product No.:DG-SF1001


-Surface must be clean, dry and free of grease.

-Do not adhere to rough or porous surface, preferable on smooth surface ortiles

-To remove the One-touch suction hook, simply pull the side tab backwards

-Holding power up to 3.5Kgs

- Material: Plastic/Stainless steel

Vertex super suction cup hook in chrome

Vertex Collection Corner Basket featuring 1 step installation

  • No drilling
  • Easy to remove
  • Holds up to 3.5kg
  • Can be used on smooth shiny tiles glass or gloss painted surfaces only
  • Exclusive Red Ring Reinstall Feature
  • NOT suitable for porous surfaces or uneven surfaces ie. textured tiles or wood
  • Easy removal - simply pull the side tab towards you

Warnings and Cautions:

  • Do not leave small children unattended in the bath or the shower
  • Do not position your Super Suction product on grouted lines between tiles
  • Do not use this product on porous surfaces or uneven surfaces such as textured tiles or wood surfaces
  • Do not overload the product. The maximum weight for this product is 5kgs and please ensure the weight is evenly distributed
  • This product should never be used as a grab bar or safety rail
  • Please do not ignore the red ring - if it starts to appear it is telling you the product should be reinstalled. Press the button until the red ring disappears to regain maximum suction strength

Care and Maintenance:  When cleaning the product do not use abrasive or chemical cleaners on any of its surfaces. Wipe with a soft damp cloth. Always let the product dry completely before reinstallin

DOGO Suction products rely on a well prepared clean, dry surface. Not recommended for poroussurfaces e.g. porcelain, marble tiles, textured or treated tiles. To mountproduct to timber or plaster surfaces use mounting disc provided. DO NOT use DOGOSuction products to hang glass frames, mirrors or fragile items. DO NOT use DOGOSuction products above beds or positions where failure could cause injury.  DOGO no responsibility for any loss or damageby any person as a result of the use or misuse of these goods. in case of anydefect in the goods. DOGO liability shall be limited solely to replacement ofthe defective goods.

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