Three Way Kitchen Sink Faucet

SUS 304 Stainless steel 3 way faucet

Product No.:DG-S3302


SUS 304 Stainless steel 3 way  faucet With Filtered Water
*Dispenses Hot, Cold, and Filtered Water via a 3rd Lever
*Stylish modern design in Chrome finish
*Durable heavy duty Tap-uses ceramic valves
*Saves space and mess - no need for a seperate Drinking Water Tap or holes in the sink, just replace your current tap with this 3 Way Tap
*Easy to connect and replace your existing tap
*Non lead 304 stainless steel
*Installation hole: 1 3/8"
*2x Flexible hoses to connect tap to current water pipe (3/8" fittings) / water filter
*Connects to 1/4" water filter pipe (standard sized pipe) & adapters are available for other sizes

Three Way Kitchen Faucet Working Principle


 In normally, some family their mixer faucet and filtered water faucet is seperated. That means you should cut two hole in your beautiful kitchen counter top , this method is not elegant and inconvenience to install .In order to solve user this problem , DOGO engineers take a long time to design more type multi-function kitchen faucet to meet your needy, cold&hot mixer water is seperated from filtered water, mean they flow in different channel to avoid contact with non filtered water . The below Fig1 is its working principle

A mixing-faucet with water filter

This convenient mixing-faucet is equipped with water filtering cartridge system. The faucet has 2 ceramic control components. Therefore you have the choice between two selective levers; one mixer lever for the non-filtered water (cold- and hot non-filtered water) and one lever for filtered water using the filter cartridge

Separated channeling

  • The whole inner tubing of the faucet is separated for the filtered water passing through, to avoid any contact with non-filtered water.

Design for you

  • The faucet has been designed to meet the demands of modern kitchen requirements. Its design is characterized by sober styling, easiness of use and easy replacement of the cartridge is an integral part of the overall design-development. The filtering faucet fits perfectly in every type of kitchen, its available in 3 different colors to enhance the look of your kitchen


Quality & Design

DOGO products are characterized by their combination of innovative technology, quality and design. Design is a fundamental pillar of our strategy to deliver the perfect balance between quality and technology. We strongly believe in quality , craftsmanship, outstanding durability, functionality, and convenience of use. This product is designed & made with passion and pride.



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